Album to be released by the end of February 2012

I’ve been working on this album for more than three years (it’s been transferred between computers a few times) I’m working on rich vocal textures – Massive choral arrangements, tightly worked and different to what I do live; but still with a feral element kicking about.

There are plenty of surprises in there for both those who know my work, and those who don’t; but what’s most exciting about this, is that I’ll be able to present people with something that has taken so many man hours to craft.

I’ve already released “Shade and Flake” (the centrepiece of the album) as an E.P. In the final album, some parts of this will be re-arranged and many parts re-mixed.

Contributors include:

Mendhi Singh: Tabla
Breda Horgan: Bodhrn

Alan Burton (The Reed Shaman): Euillian Pipes
Matt Nolan (The Gong Dwarf Under The Mountain): Gong and cymbal samples

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