About the Live Act

This section of the site is still being developed.

My stance on the production of music in the studio and live performance is that they are worlds apart; so let them be different (of course, there is going to be reflexivity). When I’m in the studio, I’m working as a craftsman and artist. When I’m on stage, I’m an entertainer. It’s a different craft and a different type of artistry.

What both of these things have in common is that they happen within the context of a touring/roaming lifestyle, and that’s why there’s a section here about touring and how it effects what I do.

The first video gives an overview of my live act, but it doesn’t give the whole picture. The second video fills the gap quite poignantly. My live show is a bit of a switch and change roller coaster, but the Vincent video below hints also of a deep focus and journey through a range of emotions. Set lists are planned very carefully to bring you out feeling positive.

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