The Mandrake Project

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With it’s central reference in folk rock, The Mandrake Project managed to slip effortlessly from blues, to arabic, jazz to african, medeival to comedy:

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“Think Yous N’ Dour meets Tim Buckley, then throw in a classical flautist from a house of jazz, and a folk rock guru from a major German band. Wizz it round in a blender for a bit, put it in the oven to bake for nine  months, and then get down to a gig to listen to the fusion that’s taken shape.” Too often you hear folk from different genres playing their different genres together. That wasn’t the case here. Fusion meant fusion !

Ash Mandrake

Ash Mandrake

There were also guest appearances from Paul Sax (violin: The Huckleberries) and Alan Burton (Irish Pipes). When Daniel returned to Germany, stepped in on Bass and the basist on the Twilight E.P recordings was Pete

Witness the eloquent acrobatics of “Cath The Piccolist” (classical soloist) on Flute; the virtuosity of Daniel Eid (front man from the German folk rock band “In Search of A Rose”) on guitar and bass; the silky vocals remeniscent of Yous N’Dour from “The Amazing Amadou” (Genuine West African Griot, Senegal National Band Percussionist); lyrics spanning from the surreal to the heart wrenching, and the powerful vocal athleticism (reminiscent of Tim Buckley) of The Bard of Bath “Ash Mandrake”.

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