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Article in Bath Chronicle 25th May 2007

Ash Mandrake

Newspaper articles: Bath Chronicle 2007

A Poet is turning his attentions to a most unlikely source of inspiration – the humble squash. Ash Mandrake, the Bard of Bath, is urging people not to let the grass grow under their feet when it comes to planting the vegetable. He has launched The Bath Squash And Pumpkin Project (TBSAPP) to get families busy in the garden.

Mr Mandrake is encouraging everyone to grow a squash in preparation for an autumn event dedicated to the vegetable. With 700 different versions of squash coming in a variety of colours, Mr Mandrake believes families growing the vegetable will have great fun.
As part of the project, he is urging people to plant squash seeds before the end of May, grow a squash, eat it, count its seeds, then come to an autumn event to talk about what they’ve learned.

“This is something for people of all ages but especially for kids to do with their families and friends,” he said. “It involves growing a squash or pumpkin and then coming to a family-friendly event in the autumn to tell and show people what they did.”

The event will include a chance to share recipes and stories, enter competitions, and enjoy live music, storytelling and other entertainment. Mr Mandrake has made a short film, in conjunction with Emporium Arts, as a guide to planting squashes. It is designed to entertain children and in it, the squash is described as an under-rated and under-used vegetable.

Mr Mandrake hopes schools will embrace the idea as well.
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Ash Mandrake

Ash Mandrake

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