Fell Edge 2013

Wow ! the big show is over. The last two and a half months have been pretty non-stop. The results of all the hard work are a new double EP (5 music tracks +3 weighty stories) 5 new characters spanning through 3 completely new full costumes. A photographic exhibition that can now be displayed throughout the country, with a body of 2,000 shots to choose from. New stage procedures, which will improve… what I take out live. The plan is to turn the double E.P. into a double album by next year’s show, and also bring the stories out as a printed publication. It’s about time I got Arts Council funding. I’ll be looking at ways of having more space on the road. Time now to  get rested and get my head back into gear for my gigs up here in the north
See here for further details about this year’s show
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