Agents and Lables

I am a member of The Musician’s Union.


I currently take bookings for 95 per cent of my gigs and my business is growing. I use one agent successfully. I tell them where I have openings en route, and they get bookings for me if I don’t fill those dates first. For this they receive 20 %.

If you are an agent and you think you can work in the same way as above, I’d be happy to discuss details. Please read the paragraph below before contacting me.

From experience, I have learnt not to leave a week free for an agent to fill. I work ethically and do not mislead when taking bookings. Please bare in mind that it is difficult to describe my act, since nobody else does what I do, in the way that I do it. In my opinion there is no point using a hard-sell; I’m interested in building on-going relationships with internal customers who repeat book.



If you are a lable considering signing me, please read below:

I would consider a signing of the right type. I don’t need a manager who says “You need to do everything I tell you to do.” My live product is well developed. I believe in my own creative mews. I could do with financial help developing it further though. In the studio I work as an artist and could benefit from working closely with an innovative and experienced sound technologist and or technician. Access to recording facilities would also be helpful. If there’s a lable that is interested in allowing me to be the artist that I am and facilitating my development, I’d be willing to discuss terms.


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