The Chestnut Bard

The Chestnut Bard features in the Story of “The Owl And The Nutcatcher”. The story was read for the first time in Nov 2011 at Adingham Moreside. The story features in the 2013 release “A History For Paupers” part of the double E.P. launched at Fell Edge 2013. The story was performed again in 2013 and was accompanied by a slide show of the photography of Krystyna Fitzgerald Morris. Some of the photographs have been used in the montage below. Much work is planned for The Chestnut Bard.

Ash Mandrake

Ash Mandrake: The Owl And The Nut-catcher: Photography by Krystyna Fitzgerald-Morris

A very brief overview: The Chestnut Bard is born of a conker ! His mother; a broad old Horse Chestnut Tree calls upon her sisters in the forest to provide the water and nutrients to grow an enormous conker in her crown, because she is fed up with an owl (who thinks he knows everything). The owl, irritated by the Nut Catcher (The Chestnut Bard) flies away. The Chestnut man outlives his mother, and walks the earth feeding on the energy of the sun, the water from mirthful babbling brooks, and the joyfulness of humans who take pleasure from his stories.

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