Bath Film Festival

This film was the third joint venture between Ian Clutterbuck and Ash mandrake and was produced for the Bath Film Festival 2007. It was judged as one of the winning entries and was shown in The Podium during the festival.

The Story: A scientist attempts to increase the length of the summer by isolating and stretching a piece of the sun, but manages to sublimate a sun spirit who gives him a RIGHT GOING OVER and alters the anatomy of the sun itself, as punishment. This sends shockwaves through the scientific community and leads to the scientist getting nicked for medling with the forces of nature.

Acting: Ian Fieldof and Ash Mandrake
Script by mandrake and clutterbuck
Filming, editing sound track and technical aparatus/props/inventions by ian Clutterbuck of
Costume, music, props by Ash mandrake

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