Fell Edge 2013


A Review of the evening by Frances Powell
(Fell Edge 16th Nov 2013)

On entering the barn, the audience were welcomed by mannequins… dressed in the costumes of Khaharnoch’s 2 atrocious sons: Ochnogh  (Brother of Bone) and Kheraghin (Brother of Blood) and the Yklyptomaker, the brothers’ ultimate defeater… and alongside them the endearing Pink & Purple Wizard!

On the other side of the stage, two table laid out with a comprehensive display of Ash’s wonderful hats, labelled and proudly shewn by apt up-turned wooden logs!

On the stage itself, a whole manner of cables, micro-phones, speakers, a large screen and the very impressive sound-sensitive lights!

Ash gave a 3-set rich and glorious evening of wonderful stories, which had the audience’s full and entranced attention.  The youngest in the audience was Martha, age 5, who did not take her eyes from Ash through his performances.. she sent him a message in the second interval “Tell him he is really good at writing stories!”

The stories were comprehensively illustrated by the projector: with stunning images from Krystyna FitzGerald-Morris‘s collection of Ash’s characters.

Krystyna’s photos were spot lit and gave an impressive exhibition of her work with Ash.

Of course, Ash also sung songs and offered musical interludes to the stories..

A truly fully rich and entertaining evening, from start to finish.. intense and completely absorbing, with so many delicious delights for all!

Thank you enormously for your generosity in performance and art, Ash… you just never cease to amaze me with your powerful creative imagery and expression through theatre, music, poetry and prose!

I am so excited already about next year’s production, already in the planning folks!

Copies of the album, Pumpkins, Hermits and Kings are now available to the general public.. another Korker!!!

Fell Edge Farm, Straight Lane, Addingham Moorside, LS29 9JX

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The CD
The release for this year will be a hybrid CD of story told through music and story conveyed through the spoken word. It will include:
Pumpkins and Hermits and Kings:
a five or six track E.P. of song, and poetry over soundscapes
A History For “Paupers”:
a three track E.P. of spoken word. an alternative view of the history of jesters, stone circles, and the expression “that old chestnut”.

The CD is being produced by Steve Forward, and contributors include Graham Chapman from Gong (fiddle). The ace tabla player Mendhi Mohinda Singh and Mick Howson from The Destroyers (hurdy gurdy). Steve Forward has also been providing top quality midi for some of the tracks and contributing to the arrangements.

Some parts of this year’s show will be delivered as a play, with scenes, stage props and lighting. Work is under way for a dramatic presentation of the dark tale of Magpie The Jesterly Corvid. The photographic work that has emerged from the collaboration between Krystyna Fitzgerald Morris and Ash Mandrake will be included as projections.

Double necked ukulele
The double necked uke is a piece of mischief wrought for the character Magpie The Jesterly Corvid. it consists of a piccolo ukulele attatched to a baritone ukulele – The little and large of the uke family. It will feature for the first time in The Fell Edge Show of 2013

The Ash Mandrake Double Necked Uke

The double necked uke as modelled by Magpie The Jesterly Corvid.
(photography by Krystyna Fitzgerald Morris)

Exhibition of photography
There will be an exhibition of photography by the portrait artist Krystyna Fitzgerald Morris. Ash and Krystyna have been collaborating over the last two months and are working from a bank of 2,000 shots, generated through 4 shoots. Ash has been working intensively on costume and hat production for the shoots. There are two photographs below (and the one above showing Magpie and the double necked Uke), which will provide an idea of the quality of the work that has been produced (these are the very small tip of a very large ice berg). The display on the night will tie in directly with the stories of the Chestnut bard, and Magpie The Jesterly Corvid. There will be an opportunity to buy and order prints on the night.

The voyager
The Chestnut Bard

Exhibition of hats and costumes
For the first time, Ash’s hat and costume work will be formally on display during the intervals. Some of the costume work was produced solely for the photographic shoots and will not be used during the show. Some of the hats have not been seen before, they were conceived as designs over four years ago and are massively worked. There will be an opportunity to talk to Ash about these works.


For tickets contact Frances on 01535 634 023 or e-mail francestaichi@btinternet.com.
Tickets are purchased from Frances Powell

The entry ticket for the show, £10*, includes a CD of recordings from Ash’s current 2013 studio project…
Put the date in your diaries: evening, 16th November and we will be putting together another phenomenal evening for you 🙂
Arriving from 7.30, starts prompt 8pm 🙂
*£10 full tickets, £5 for children under 16 years, FREE for children under 12
Please bring food to share, your own drinks!
The barn is now centrally heated, but also has a wonderful wood-burning stove.  The weather being unpredictable, please bring plenty of warm clothing!

This show is being managed by Frances Powell: Tai Chi Teacher and the brains and muscle behind Franfest 2012

Frances Powell

(photograph courtesy of Mike Green 2012)


Press release written by Frances Powell

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