16 String Guitar

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I’m waiting to improve a drafted video about the 16 string guitar. It will hopefully be loaded up on here before the end of February.

Technical Details: The Ashmandrake10string is a customised Yamaha APX 12 string. It outranges a normal guitar by one octave! The ratio of the intervals between the strings is standard, but they range from a bass A (7 frets below a bass E on a normal guitar) to a high A (5 frets above the high E on a normal guitar!) The strings are: 4 Bass (flat wound nickel) plus three pairs of strings in octaves (3 bronze wound, and three nickel). The bass strings feed through hot Seymore Duncan, Bass Lines pickups (wired as humbuckers), and the original piezo under the bridge; The 12 string end feeds through the piezo.

Ash Mandrake

Press disclosure of guitar designs 2006

Pioneering guitarist has a new string to his bow
(Published Thurs 19th Oct 2006: Bath Chronicle)

Guitar lover Ash Mandrake is hoping to hit all kinds of new notes with a new instrument.

For more than two years the Bath artist and hat designer has been working with Andy Manners, of Rare and Vintage Guitars on Bath’s Saville Row, to develop his new guitar.
Now it is finally ready, Ash has stuck his neck out and is spreading the word about it through the internet.
“This instrument has completely new sounds because it has a bigger range of pitches,” said Ash.
“it goes higher and lower than other guitars which means you can use a range of techniques.
“It features a loop machine which means you can sample a sound and then play it back and build upon that sound as you play. So it provides a background sound that you can play over and add to as you go.”

The guitar Ash has developed is based on a customised Yamaha APX 12 string that he has turned into a ten string instrument. The spaces between the strings are as on a standard guitar, and it is partially fretless.

The instrument blends the sounds of a bass guitar and a normal guitar. Its lowest string is an octave lower than the deepest note on a standard bass guitar.

“Originally I had a 12 string guitar and wanted to see how far I could take the idea behind it,” said Ash.

“I wanted to see how broad a range of techniques I could use with it.”

Ash, 32 is on the Government’s New Deal for Musicians scheme, which aims to help aspiring song-writers.

Now the design is complete, he has decided to share his unique system with the world instead of patenting the invention. “What I’m working on now is getting some publicity for this creation,” he said.

“So I’m going on the internet to get it in front of people so that if someone does decide to take it up and run with the design and sound, lots of people will know that I created it and there’s a chance I might get some credit for it.

“In the meantime, the guitar community is getting something which it’s not had before. I have taken it out and about to some open mic events in Bath and now I’m starting to get paid gigs to perform with it. I also do some performing and story telling in schools and am showing it off there too.”

For more details on the guitar visit www.myspace.com/ashmandrake10string
(N.B. Myspace has since had a partial collapse – but the site is still there)


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