Getting Better At Being A Gypsy ?

I grew up in houses, imagining gypsies around fire places singing and dancing. I read a book recently about gypsies in England during the 50s. It was nothing like the image I had. Life was extremely tough for them, with constant hassle from the police, and general hostility from the public. When I’m touring on the road, I have many things in common with roamers, but I can’t find any good reasons to want to mimic the lifestyle they had in the 50s. I’m a business man who needs to roam – By integrating today’s technology with the lifestyle, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be a healthy and fulfilling existence. It’s just a matter of managing the raggle-taggle entropy.

I’m going to be out on the road permanently very soon ! It’s part of committing to being a touring musician.

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